Welcome to UnPhiltered Kayaking's website. We are proud to be one of North Alabama's finest outdoor recreation companies providing a unique set of services that no other outfitter can match, from rentals of touring kayaks, to guided trips, and most importantly, American Canoe Association certified instruction in classes. We provide professional instruction for beginners and intermediate paddlers no one else in the area has the qualifications to offer.

Our company goal is simple: to get you, your family, and friends out on the water to enjoy the beauty this region has to offer. Safety is the heart of this business, and it is evidenced by guiding and instructing beginning paddlers from 6 to 70+ years old and providing professional classes to make existing paddlers safer and more skilled and efficient.

And for some real fun, get your co-workers, church groups, or a big group of friends together for our exclusive Aqua Bootcamp! A team-building day you will never forget! Go to the Aqua Boot Camp section in the services section for more info.

I encourage each of you to look into the services section of our website and book a trip, rentals or enroll in one of our classes.

If you have a specific needs in mind, whether group size, specific dates you will need, or custom trips you want, just click on the Contact Me button and email me. I will make it happen for you! Please visit the testimonials section of this website to see what others are saying about UnPhiltered Kayaking.

To stay up-to-date with the latest events and locations, I encourage you to go to our Facebook page. Please "like' and click on 'get notifications' to stay in the loop with us. I offer Facebook-only specials and there are always plenty of pictures from past events to look at! Facebook Messaging is a great way to contact us, too.

Along with my certification as a pro instructor with the American Canoe Association (ACA), I am certified with the American Red Cross in Adult and Infant First Aid/CPR/AED. I am the only guide in the area that carries not only an advanced first aid kit, but also an AED. We would be honored to provide any of our services to you, your family, or friends and are grateful for your business.

Phil Walton

Hi Friends!
We are having some technical difficulties with our calendar on the website, (nothing is posting!) and are working to get them fixed asap.
Until then, please head over to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/unphilteredkayaking/  where we have upcoming events posted and being posted on a daily basis!

We have 2 different Quickstart Your Kayak courses on the schedule, the first is this coming weekend (4/24)and the next is May 7th.

Additionally, Sunset trips are now in full swing again, and soon, our most popular trip, The Hambrick Bat Cave Trip will be running again!

To reserve your spot you must either message me through our FB page, or email me: phil@unphilteredkayaking.com. YOUR SPOTS ARE ONLY RESERVED AFTER PAYING FOR THEM, we do not 'hold' spots for anyone.
Get your family and friends together, and come see the beauty of Lake Guntersvile, it's going to be a great year to be on the water!


Please note: We do not do trips down the Flint River, our boats are made for lake/flatwater paddling. Thank you.

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